Take a tour of downtown Vegas’ unique murals and street art. It’s like a walking treasure hunt. You might even stumble upon something that’s not on this list!

1. Greetings from Las Vegas Greetings Tour

Greetings from Las Vegas Greetings Tour https://www.greetingstour.com

Location:  1237 S Main St. on the corner of Colorado Ave. 

This is the perfect mural to start off with. Take a picture in front of it to commemorate your vacation or to show that you’re a proud local. It’s a great alternative to waiting in front of the always crowded “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign on the Strip. Just as 2020 was ending, this was painted by Greetings Tour, a husband and wife team who travel the country in their RV creating these postcard style murals. They have murals in 21 states with the goal of painting in all 50.